Martin Burger
Associate Project Scientist 
Research Manager of the UC Davis Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility

Research Interests: Soil fertility and mineral nutrition of plants; nitrogen cycling in agroecosystems; nitrogen trace gas emissions from soil; soil-plant water relations, agricultural management practices that minimize nitrogen losses to the environment and conserve water.







Xia Zhu Barker PhD  

Assistant Project Scientist ;

I am interested in processes that affect agricultural system sustainability, including crop productivity, plant-soil interactions, fates of diffuse sources of pollutants in agricultural land, and the potential of agricultural systems to act as source and sink for greenhouse gases (GHG). I am also keen on evaluating agricultural management practices (e.g. fertility management, irrigation, tillage) that control nutrient cycling, nutrient use efficiency, carbon sequestration, and GHG. In future projects I hope to continue to investigate nitrogen cycling and nitrogen use efficiency in diverse agricultural systems in order to identify management practices that minimize GHG emissions and energy consumption while maintaining crop yields. Processes in soil that influence GHGs production and consumption and the role of metals (e.g. iron, copper, manganese) in nitrogen and carbon transformations under aerobic and anaerobic conditions are specific topics I would enjoy to study in greater depth. Other, applied topics that interest me are effects of biosolids and organic fertilizer applications on soil carbon sequestration and agricultural GHG emissions.

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